Local & Regional Tournaments

Express Soccer teams will attend additional tournaments during the soccer year. These tournaments provide high level competition in and out of the country, expose our teams to high school, international and college coaches and talent scouts and offer a way for our teams to spend time off the field with each other.

With the guidance from the Academy Director and Technical Director select these tournaments with appropriate level of competition, affordability, and availability of players in mind.

Here are the MAIN Local and Regional Tournaments that we participate in:

    1. Raising Stars Junior League
    2. Rausha Kipaji
    3. Ligi Ndogo E.A Cup
    4. Express Future Lions Cup
    5. Arusha Chipkizi Tournament
    6. Express SC Summer Camp

International Tournaments, Scouting & Pro-Training Camps

At Express Soccer Academy we develop and nurture skills of our players through training and participation in Local and International tournaments. These Enables the players to explore and expose their talents.

Through working with other partners, we have been able to take part in a number of International tournaments and Pro-training camps.

The following are the International tournaments and Pro-training camps we have attended since 2015:-

1. 2015- United Kingdom.
- Bolton and Manchester City Pro-training camps
- Participated in the English Supercup.

2. 2016- Denmark.
- Participated in the Dana Cup.

3. 2017- Spain, Barcelona.
- Participated inthe Koolton Soccer Camp.

4. 2017- Dubai, UAE.
- Participated in the Winter Classic Tournament 2018.

5. 2018- Dubai, UAE.
- Participated in the Winter Classic Tournament 2019.

6. 2019- The Netherlands
- Participated in The Denhelder Dutch 2019 Soccer Tournament.