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School-Based Training Program

Trainings take place once/twice a week; each training session takes about 1 hour, depending on the age group. Our coaches are available on Monday through Friday. Currently, the after-school soccer coaching is conducted at The Banda school, Hillcrest Pre-school & Langata PCEA Schools.

Parents are advised to also sign up for Weekend and Holiday Training which offers more prolonged training.


Tuesday: 3:30pm to 5pm Grouping: U8 to U13

Wednesday: 3:30pm to 4:30pm
Grouping: U6 and U7

Thursday: 12:30pm to 1pm
Grouping: N1, N2 and Reception

2. The Banda School

Grouping: Under U6, U7, U9, U11 and U13.

Thursday: 2.30pm to 3.10pm
Grouping: U4, U5

Thursday: Time: 3pm to 4pm
Grouping: U 6 and 7(5-7 Years old)

Thursday: 4pm to 5 pm
Grouping: U9, U11 and U13(8-13 years old)

Groupings done according to age and playing abilities.