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International Tournaments, Scouting & Pro-Training Camps

The sole reason for the existence of Express Soccer Academy is to develop and nature the skills of our players from right when they join the academy. In addition to the friendly matches we organize with our neighboring clubs, the local and regional tournaments that we sign them up for, we also expose them to a more competitive arena by participating in Soccer Pro-Training Camps and Tournaments in Europe.

This Pro-Training Camps gives our players a chance to compete fairly with the best of Europe’s Soccer Academies, exposing them to a competitive Soccer hence a chance to put to practice all they've been learning through their training drills back at home.

This tournament also gives the players a chance to evaluate their level of skills and gets motivated to better themselves all year round before the next International trip where they get to face the same teams again.

In the rest past we have taken teams across Europe to participate in these tournaments. In 2015 we visited UK where we participated in the Bolton Wonderers Cup, in 2016 we visited Denmark and participated in the Dana Cup and now this year 2017 we are scheduled to travel to Barcelona, Spain for a Pro-Training Camp with the La-Liga Coaches.

After the games are through, we usually have a chance to tour the cities, have fun in amusement parks and go shopping as well attending cultural events in the respective counties hence impacting a lot in our players.

Kindly find below profiles of our previous visits to Europe.

Here are the International tournaments and Pro-Training Camps we've participated in:
1. UK (2015)
2. Denmark (2016)
3. Barcelona (2017)
4. Dubai (2017 & 2018)
5. Netherlands (2019)


UK (2015)


Click to view the UK Tournament and excursion's Report

Denmark (2016)


Click to view the Tournaments and excursion's Info-Pack, Logistics plan and Itinerary

Barcelona (2017)


Click to view the Tournaments and excursion's Info-Pack and Report

Dubai (2017 & 2018)

Click to view the Tournaments and excursion's Info-Pack and Report

Netherlands (2019)

Click to view the Tournaments and excursion's Info-Pack and Report