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Goalkeeper Training Program

Goalie Training

The main characteristic of a goalkeeper is courage.

Our philosophy is that courage by itself will not make a save. Instead, We believe since the goalkeeper is a soccer player with a unique position, the goalkeeper needs to be technically and tactically trained according to its unique position.

This is why at Express soccer we focus our goalkeeping training on two levels of training:

Our level 1

Training for the less experience goalkeeper with the need to learn and/or improve in the technical aspect of proper standing, handling (catching), diving, back pass, breakaways and distribution.

Level 2:

Training for the more mature experience goalkeeper with the need of developing and understanding the technical/tactical function of the goalkeeper in the game and as part of the team. The total understanding of angles, ball line and maximum exposure concept will be discussed and trained as well as per the 1st, 2nd and 3rd goal situations.

Contact the office if your child is keen to register.