How to Register


How to Register

The following are ways in which you can register your child/children to Express soccer academy. Please follow the best method that suits your needs. The Seasonal Form applies for  January-March, May-July and September to November

Method 1: Provide Pre registration information ONLINE, Fill in the form provided.

Method 2 TELEPHONE Call us direct on: 0720094049/0706789461 or send email to

Method 3 Complete Registration Form Click here to download our registration form.
 Please Note The Holiday Registration Form applies for the months of April, August and December.

    • SCHOOL BASED SOCCER COACHING:  Registration is done at the school. Register and make the payments at the school. All the schools have payments policy.



    Goalie Training

    The main characteristic of a goalkeeper is courage.

    My philosophy is that courage by itself will not make a save. Instead, I believe since the goalkeeper is a soccer player with a unique position, the goalkeeper needs to be technically and tactically trained according to its unique position.

    This is why at Express soccer we focus our goalkeeping training on two levels of training:

    Our level 1 training is for the less experience goalkeeper with the need to learn and/or improve in the technical aspect of proper standing, handling (catching), diving, back pass, breakaways and distribution.

    Level 2 training is for the more mature experience goalkeeper with the need of developing and understanding the technical/tactical function of the goalkeeper in the game and as part of the team.  The total understanding of angles, ball line and maximum exposure concept will be discussed and trained as well as per the 1st, 2nd and 3rd goal situations.

    Contact the soccer director if your child is keen to register.





    Express soccer academy

    Player Fees U5 to U13  
    Coaching ( January to March 2016) Ksh.8,000
    Field Rental (practices and games)  
    Academy Kit (Jersey,shorts,socks,) Ksh.2,500
    Track Suits   Ksh.5,000



    School based training Ksh.7,000
    Saturday training Ksh.8,000
    Sunday training Ksh.7,000
    Saturday+ School based   : Ksh.11,000
    Saturday+ Sunday Training  Ksh.13,000
    Saturday+ Sunday + School-Based Training  Ksh.13,000



    Cost for additional Tournaments

    Additional Tournaments:

    Express soccer teams will attend additional tournaments during the soccer year. These tournaments provide high level competition in and out of the country, expose our teams to high school, international and college coaches and talent scouts and offer a way for our teams to spend time off the field with each other. With guidance from the Academy Director, and  our lead coaches select these tournaments with appropriate level of competition, affordability, and availability of players in mind.


    These are the costs for all the tournaments in 2017.

    • 1) Moshi Tanzania- Arusha Chipkzi Cup; U9-U13 - December-2017: Ksh.42,000
    • 2) Dubai - UAE Winter Football Tournament: U8/U9-U13  29th Nov-4th Dec 2017: 1,680USD






Maurice Mbowo | Director







At Express Soccer Academy, we believe that playing soccer is an interactive and exciting journey of talent discovery. Children should be encouraged to discover their soccer talents early in life. By combining school based and weekend programs approach and wide-ranging training techniques, we strive to offer the best trainings to our children. This is done in safe and secure environments.

We recruit children from diverse backgrounds who have passion for football. Overall, our aim is to bring the best out our children football wise. I encourage you to come and be part of this dynamic family.


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