Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct



Parent Code of Conduct Contract
Parents of the Express soccer academy serve as important role models to their children and to all the other children and Parents that they can come into contact with on the football field. Therefore the Express soccer academy limited expects each parent to agree to the following code of conduct principles.

Agree to abide by the Code of Conduct

Express soccer Parents will learn the rules of the game and understand the game format for their child age group.

Remember that Children participate in SPORT for their enjoyment, not for yours.

Encourage children to participate and NOT force them. Leave the coaching to the coach.

Encourage children to play by the Rules.

Never yell at a child for making a mistake or losing a game.

Respect teams, other Spectators and game officials and their decisions. Teach Children to do the same.

Show appreciation for coaches and game officials.

Remember Children Learn by example.

Express soccer Parents will follow a 48 – Hour Rule before contacting coaches after a game

Promote the Code of Conduct to all.

Parents must pay the coaching fees within the 1 and 2 week of the term.

  • We have read and understand the Express soccer Code of Conduct Contract, and we agree to abide by these principles. We also agree to accept action taken for failure to abide these principles.


Maurice Mbowo | Director







At Express Soccer Academy, we believe that playing soccer is an interactive and exciting journey of talent discovery. Children should be encouraged to discover their soccer talents early in life. By combining school based and weekend programs approach and wide-ranging training techniques, we strive to offer the best trainings to our children. This is done in safe and secure environments.

We recruit children from diverse backgrounds who have passion for football. Overall, our aim is to bring the best out our children football wise. I encourage you to come and be part of this dynamic family.


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