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The Maurice Mbowo centre for football development-The Express soccer All-stars

The Express Soccer Academy understands that football today has undergone constant transformation. The game has developed faster, stronger, higher and more technical.

To develop a complete and competitive athlete to play top level football in the future.


A center of talent development and nurture football player for top clubs internationally.

  1. Identify and provide an opportunity for young talented players to excel and show case their potential in football.
  2. Express Soccer Academy to have a football team to play in the Kenya premier league in the next 10 years.


Development of the Player
The development of the game in this way automatically implies that the player has to adapt as well. The qualities demanded of todays if they are to succeed at the highest level are on an altogether different scale from what was required just over a decade ago.

Today’s player must have perfect technique. This way it is essential for players to receive high quality pre-training (7-11) (11-13) (13-15) years of age. This is the ideal time to improve their array of technical skills and to work on their strong points; shooting, heading, dribbling etc.


Player must develop an acute sense of tactical awareness to allow him to assimilate the orders issued by the coach. While still maintaining his ability to react and adapt, this being essential when there is a change of tactics during a match.
Above all, the player must be an athlete. He/she must be a complete, top level sportsman. It is imperative that he/she can rely on the qualities of speed, power and recovery.
As mental strength is also a part of the winner’s armory in today’s game, he/she must know how to assert him/herself as a player with strong mental resolve, who is in total control in difficult situations, and who is able to surpass him/herself when the game demands.



Training Programme Schedule




11.30am -1.30pm




Charges/Fee/Total coaching
Coach will provide players with the training plan for every week to help them understand what is required and expected of them during training sessions and matches.

Coach will do theory lessons (class)- Tactical board projector. Twice per week (30 minutes) before training and test matches to help players understand tactical approach and improve their knowledge about the game.
Coach will give assignments to players to manage their personal development which they do during their free time.
Parent-coach –player meeting will be done twice per term or whenever necessary to discuss the player progress, set short term targets and ensure that the agreed plans are achieved.

The fee is  ksh.13000 per term,24 sessions.




Maurice Mbowo | Director







At Express Soccer Academy, we believe that playing soccer is an interactive and exciting journey of talent discovery. Children should be encouraged to discover their soccer talents early in life. By combining school based and weekend programs approach and wide-ranging training techniques, we strive to offer the best trainings to our children. This is done in safe and secure environments.

We recruit children from diverse backgrounds who have passion for football. Overall, our aim is to bring the best out our children football wise. I encourage you to come and be part of this dynamic family.


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