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Child Protection

Download a copy:

Kindly Click here to view the entire Child Protection Policy Document or download a copy


Safeguarding Guidelines

Express Soccer Academy believes ensuring the safekeeping of its students is paramount. The development of comprehensive safeguarding guidelines to aid in this have been developed for the safety of students, caregivers and staff. Therefore, Express Soccer Academy will:

1. Ensure the coach/student ratio of 1 fully qualified coach assigned to every 15 students. The coach is also accompanied by 1 Assistant Coach during all soccer activities.

2. Follow all relevant recruitment processes as outlined in the Kenya Employment Act 2007.

3. Ensure the Kenya Police Certificate of Good Conduct is provided by all employees whom are in contact with any child or young person.

4. Ensure all children and young people will be accompanied to change rooms and bathrooms by an adult. Supervision of students under the age of 8 to the toilets, however this supervision does require staff to wait outside. Express Soccer Academy acknowledges children and young people in younger age groups may need help with their toileting. If this is the case, parents and guardians are expected to provide someone at the soccer activities to assist with this. It is expected that on Saturday fixtures children will arrive dressed and ready for soccer activities.

5. Express Soccer practice the ‘No Closed Door’ which means no employee is to be within a room alone with any child behind a closed door.

6. Ensure the Personal Files of every student are stored within a secure place and the privacy and confidentiality of every student is upheld. Only the Safeguarding 9 Coordinators, the CEO and Head Coach of Express Soccer Academy Mr. Maurice Mbowo, the Program Administrator, and the Child Protection Coordinator will have access to these files.

7. Ensure that there is a First Aid Kit is available at every soccer activity. Also ensure a fully qualified onsite nurse and First Aid Point is available at all Saturday fixtures and Tournaments. Ensure an Ambulance Officer with an ambulance from Nairobi Hospital is always in attendance.

8. Ensure permission is sought from parents and guardians in the use of photographs and personal information on the internet, this includes social media, websites, promotional and marketing material.

9. Ensure a Record of Incidents is kept regarding any injuries. It will be the nurse on duty’s responsibility to fill in an incident report. The nurse is then responsible for any follow up regarding an injury and recording the outcomes of any follow up action.

10. Develop and adhere to an action plan which outlines how Express Soccer will inform its stakeholders on the Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy within existing communication protocols (e.g. website, social media information)

Responding to Concerns and Disclosures

If a child, adult or staff member communicates a concern or makes a disclosure or a complaint about an incidence it is imperative the Child Protection Coordinator be notified immediately.

All concerns, disclosures and complaints need to be noted and recorded immediately. In the meantime, the following guidelines can assist you manage the situation until the Child Protection Coordinator can take responsibility for the situation:

• Talk in a private and non-distracting environment
• Stay calm
• Reassure the person who has made the disclosure
• Allow the child or adult to speak without interruption. Obtain as many details as you can
• Take notes if at all possible
• Record everything on the incident reporting form